Alti's international development pursues a twofold ojective:
  • Growth engine development by opening up to new markets.
  • To assist its clients in their globalization project.

Alti: a credible alternative to great integrators.

With the economic globalization, the rising power of emerging markets and the deregulation, to bring the IS into line with core businesses and to streamline the purchasing policy became two strategic issues for IT departments of big international businesses.

They orient their strategy according to three main areas:

  • Reduction in numbers of suppliers
  • More competitive fee structure
  • Request for stronger result commitments from supplier

In this context, Alti offers it's customers a support both in terms of consulting (SAP, SWIFT, money laudering countermeasures, CRM, EPM, architecture, governance, ITIL, organization, change management) and efficient near-shore/green-shore service centers (quality and timeliness commitment, 24/7 services).

Alti positions itself as a partner and credible alternative for great integrators. Its international business strategy is firmly oriented toward Public Sector and Major Accounts clients with focus on the first customers of the group (GDF SUEZ, BNP Paribas, Société Générale…).

Alti in Belgium

With a turnover of almost 20 M€ made in Belgium, Alti is a major player on the local market. In Belgium, Alti is a leader on SAP CRM and SAP BW/BO activities.

Alti in Switzerland

In Switzerland, Alti operates for big international accounts (industry, luxury, private banks) and major administrations (State of Vaud, City of Lausanne, AVASAD).

Alti in Algeria

In Algeria, Alti positions itself as a leader to advise and assist public and private institutions that wish to offer banking services to their customers.